Jan 2, 2016


Oh my.. it's 2016 already! Last year flew by and it feels like it lasted 3 months to be honest. 
I've learned a lot in 2015, some shitty things have happened and I flowed slowly into adulthood (which is really tough). 
In this post I want to share a little about how my year has been and what my new year's resolutions are.
Also I've made some cool pictures on NYE.
Enjoy reading! 

So.. what happened in 2015?
First of all I lost some friends, which I actually didn't really care about to be honest. I still had some 'friends' all around my country, but there wasn't much contact. One of my friends committed suicide, so that was a dark period too. I still don't fully understand why she did it and it sucks.
In between that I broke up with my former ex, because he wasn't really what I was looking for after all. I've met some boys after, but most of them were assholes or just not right for me. So I've felt lonely for a long time.
Adulthood continued and for me it really sucked, because I'm scared for my future and I didn't (and still don't) have a lot of money. Also things at home didn't went so great, because we fought a lot and my parents wanted me to change. 
Of course some good things have happened too.. 
I started drawing again and developing my interests in it. I finally graduated from High School. 
I got my nose pierced, because I wanted it done for a long time and also I wanted to have grey hair, so I got that done too. 
I learned how to cruise and I fell on my face that summer (it left me with a stupid scar above my lip). 
Because I didn't really know what I wanted to study, I decided to do a prior course/study at ArtEZ. I had to work hard, but it really helped me choosing the right study. In February we have an exposition with all of our work and we can also participate for the study admissions! 
My mom and I went to Turkey on a vacation trip, and I really enjoyed it. 
Last but not least.. I got a Pentax camera for Christmas, so I'm going to be using that a lot.

I'm not really a new year's resolutions kinda person, but oh well.. I could write some of them down for you guys.
One of the things I'm struggling with, is that I'm constantly thinking about my future. But not in like, a positive way.. I'm scared of what comes and if I can even survive it. So one of my resolutions will be; living in the moment. 
Furthermore I have these resolutions too:

1. Make new friends & meet new people.
2. Get into Art School.
3. Watch my diet/eat healthier.   
4. Be more positive.
5. Help the planet/those in need.
6. Get a new job.
7. Act more like an independent adult.
8. Start a small business for my designs.

Some firework pictures I made with my new camera:
I'm still learning, so don't expect the most amazing pictures

Here's my first selfie of 2016:
I'm wearing a shirt from Monki and the eyeshadow is from Urban Decay