Dec 13, 2015


Thought it would be cool to share my bucket list with you guys. I have been thinking about this for a long time. And this list might still change while it's up online.
Tell me what you still want to do while you're alive ✌

  • Doing graffiti. 
  • Traveling through USA.
  • Have the perfect date (beach, stars, picnick). 
  • Become a great artist/designer.
  • Own a Volkswagen van and go on a road trip.
  • Study Fashion design/ getting in to ArtEZ .
  • Pet a real wolf.
  • Jet skiing.
  • Go to Disneyland.
  • Visit some big festivals.
  • Getting a tattoo sleeve.
  • Fully accept myself.
  • Get my own, cosy place.
  • Become an inspiration for other people.
  • Learn how to do skateboard tricks.
  • Own a lot of 'Vans'.
  • Learn to snowboard.
  • Get an awesome digital camera. 
  • Learn Italian.
  • Get perfect lilac hair.
  • Go on a summer vacation with some good friends.
  • Go camping in the mountains with my (future) boyfriend.
  • Take hiphop/streetdance classes.
  • Travel on a cruise ship.

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  1. woow mooie foto's heb je, welk fototoestel gebruik je? Heb je ook een speciale filter gebruikt (zoja welke?) ik wil dit ook kunnen.